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2024 Kaweah River flow forecast


Posted 03/18/24

After a dry finish to 2023 Mother Nature brought a number of wet and cold storms in early 2024 to bring our snowpack total to nearly 100% in the Kaweah Watershed. This means we will be running trips from late this week until early July. Expect low to moderate flows from now until mid April, moderate to above average into early May and High flows from mid May until early June. The river will reverse its flow levels until the snow is likely melted in early to mid July. There are more storms forecast and that will only benefit the snowpack but shouldn't change the flow forecast drastically. Hope to see you on the river this year.  



Posted 04/05/2023

It is OFFICIAL!!! This years' snowpack on the Kaweah River is the largest on record! 288% of normal for April 1st with 1 high elevation station left to report. This means we will be able to run trips into at least September this year and most likely until the snow flies again this winter. We are currently conducting high quality trips on amazing flows that we would not normally see until peak runoff in late May or early June of a normal year. Don't miss out on this historic season. It promises to be our best ever. See you on the river.


Posted 03/01/2023


The rain and snow totals continue to mount. We are anticipating an excellent and long season extending into late July and possibly August. Depending on the springtime temperatures the high water season looks to be from mid May well into June. This is the best snowpack since 2017 and may be close to the record set in 1982. Please join us for what promises to be one of the most exciting Kaweah River seasons ever.


Hope to see you on the river  


Posted 05/15/2021

Unfortunately due to the unusually minimal snowpack and warm temperatures the Kaweah River snowpack has been nearly depleted forcing us to cease rafting operations for 2021. This is the 2nd earliest closure in our 34 year history of operations on the Kaweah. Apologies to all of you whose trips we were forced to cancel and those of you who hoped to join us this season. Thank you all for your interest in a trip with us. Hope to see you on the river next season.


Posted 03/15/2021

This years' snowpack totals (low) are very similar to the 2020 totals which would have allowed us to begin our rafting season in late March. Once we were allowed to begin operations we conducted trips through 06/07/20. We are projecting a nearly identical season this year. We are beginning operations 03/26/21 and depending upon the Spring temperatures and further precipitation we anticipate running until early to mid June. Peak flows will most likely be the 1st and 2 week of May. We are actively taking reservations at this time and expect to be extremely busy with the short season and relaxation of Covid Protocols. We recommend booking a trip as soon as possible once you have a date chosen to ensure we still have space available for you.


Hope to see you on the river.

Posted 06/07/2020

Unfortunately due to the minimal snowpack this past winter today is the last day of our 2020 rafting season on the Kaweah River. Thank you to all of you who helped us make this 2020 season possible. Please give us a try in 2021.


Hope to see you on the river.

Posted on 05/24/2020

Tulare County has opened through Phase 3 allowing us to resume rafting operations here on the Kaweah River. Because of the extremely low precipitation amounts this past winter this season will be brief. We anticipate running intermediate and advanced, half and full river trips through 06/07 and the introductory level trips through 06/14. Due to the short season and high demand there is limited space available so we recommend making reservations as soon as possible.


Hope to see you on the river. 

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